Local Grocery Chain Facing Lawsuits

According to a recent report by WAND TV 17, a security breach that affected many customers is the basis of a class action lawsuit. This lawsuit is the result of a breach that took place last December.

Local Grocery Chain Facing LawsuitsAt the center of the lawsuit is the Missouri based grocery chain, Schnucks. The problem took place sometime in December, although the full situation was not revealed until March. A part of the lawsuit asks why the corporation did not warn their customers about the breach so that they could take preventive measures. As a result, many customers have reported fraudulent charges to their credit cards. Some customers have been affected to the tune of thousands of dollars.

This is a classic example of how the lack of communication can be of great cost to a business. If the company would have warned their customers, there is a possibility that these lawsuits would not be filed. This is especially true when it comes to a breach that can lead to customers losing money. In the past, there have very public announcements made in print, on the news and even through commercials when it came to the security and integrity of a corporation.

If you encounter a similar situation, your first plan of action should be to contact your Illinois business attorney. You want to make sure that you take the proper steps to protect your customers and the integrity of your business. Following the proper measures will not only protect your business assets but it will also show your customers that you are concerned with their best interest. Everyone understands that in the age of technology, there are things like this that will happen. It is what you do afterwards that will make a difference.