Methane Business on the Rise in Illinois

Naperville small business law attorney, Gierach Law Firm, methane business, methane-mitigation facilities, wasted methane, local air pollutionA recent economic analysis presented by the Environmental Defense Fund revealed that there are currently hundreds of methane-mitigation facilities across the country that are saving $1.8 billion each year in wasted methane. Around 60 percent of the methane-mitigation businesses are small businesses that pay workers handsomely for their services. This report also identified Illinois as having over a dozen methane-mitigation facilities operating within the state. In fact, there are currently 17 methane-mitigation facilities in Illinois that are engaged in either servicing, building, or selling methane controls with the intended goal of minimizing or preventing methane emissions and methane gas from being released into the atmosphere.

Methane gas is a heavily used natural resource in the U.S. that presents significant risks to the environment. Oftentimes, methane emissions are commingled with harmful air pollutants; thus, by mitigating methane emissions, these businesses are successfully controlling one form of local air pollution and the subsequent risks to the public that such pollution can present. The U.S.’s natural gas system is the largest industrial source for methane gas, which is heavily used throughout the country. By capturing and controlling this heavily utilized gas when it is released in the production of gas and oil, these businesses are helping curb climate change and are providing great benefits to the environmental protection cause.

Illinois Businesses and Methane Gas

The analysis of Illinois’ methane mitigation businesses has highlighted how these businesses are not just providing lasting positive environmental gains for the state. In fact, these 17 companies have also been praised for the treatment of their workers. Workers at methane emission mitigation firms are typically highly skilled and receive generous compensation for their services. If the increase in methane emissions mitigation continues on the current path, these businesses should see a boom that could result in additional job creation for Illinois. This is because the type of work conducted by these firms cannot be outsourced and must be conducted on-site.

Though the increase in methane emission mitigation businesses is a positive step, some would like to see more being done to curb the pollution caused by gas use in the U.S. For every new methane emission mitigation business that emerges, there are even more U.S. gas and oil producers that are not controlling the emissions that result from their operations. As a result, it is being suggested that enhanced federal oversight is required in order to reduce the current level of gas emissions into U.S. air. Some even go so far as to suggest that increased government regulation would serve to create additional opportunities and work for existing methane emission mitigation businesses.

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