Naperville Business Attorney on Mistakes to Avoid While Building Your Company’s Online Presence: Part Two

mistakes, Naperville business law attorneyAs an experienced business law attorney, I realize that the majority of Americans now use the internet to search for businesses and services. When you are building your company’s website and social media presence, it is important to do so in a way that will entice customers to do business with you. In a previous blog, we discussed some of the mistakes that business owners commonly make regarding their online presence. Unfortunately, one blog post was not enough to cover even the most common mistakes, so here are a few more that you should take care to avoid.

Having an Unprofessional or Poorly-Maintained Website

Nearly everyone is online these days and most experts expect the number of people using the internet to continue to rise. Most businesses cannot afford not to have some type of website and social media presence. However, there are instances in which a business website may actually turn customers away from the business. This can happen when websites are very poorly constructed or contain errors. For example, if a company’s website contains spelling and grammatical mistakes, it may give visitors an impression of incompetence—or at least carelessness. Websites with outdated information or those that are not updated regularly may give potential customers the impression that the business owners are lazy or unmotivated. If you choose to create a website for your business, take the time to create a professional, accurate, and visually appealing site that discusses and shows how your business can benefit customers.

Being Unclear About What Your Business Offers

Have you ever watched a weird commercial on television and thought to yourself, “What are they even trying to sell?” While it must be successful some of the time—or such ads would not exist—nontraditional marketing does not always work as it was intended to work. Instead of over-stuffing your website with confusing widgets or advanced design techniques, focus on what is important. After visiting your site, customers should understand what your company offers and how that product or service can benefit them. Be sure to provide details about how potential customers can learn more about the services or products you offer, and always include contact information.

Getting Too Political

The political climate in the United States is tense, to say the least. Many companies have unfortunately created unnecessary drama and problems for themselves just by engaging in political discussion or debate. Politics can be an incredibly polarizing topic. By expressing political opinions or views on controversial issues, businesses risk alienating potential customers, vendors, or even future employees. While it is true that some major brands have gained customers after taking a political stand, most business experts agree that less-established businesses or small businesses should steer clear of making political statements on their websites or social media.

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