MLS Team Files Breach of Contract Lawsuit in Chicago Court

Chicago’s Major League Soccer (MLS) team, the Chicago Fire, recently filed a breach of contract lawsuit in Cook County circuit court, asking for more than $35,000 in damages from a local youth soccer league. According to CBS Chicago, the two organizations entered into a licensing agreement in late 2009 that allowed the Chicago Fire Juniors, Inc. (CFJI) to use the Chicago Fire’s marketing materials including logos, symbols, and mascots. The lawsuit alleges that CFJI currently owes the MLS team over $35,000 under this agreement,  and that CFJI also failed to obtain the required consent prior to selling merchandise which carried the Fire logo. In addition to the licensing issues, the lawsuit claims that CFJI was deficient in requirements related to the youth league’s participation in the Chicago Fire’s Player Development Program, including issues related to player evaluation and the makeup of the organization’s board of directors.

According to the news article, memMLS Team Files Breach of Contract Lawsuit in Chicago Courtbers of the Fire organization made multiple attempts to resolve the contract issues out of court but CFJI failed to respond in a satisfactory manner. Despite the Fire’s sending of a cease-and-desist letter on December 22, 2011, as of February 22, 2012, the CFJI continued to use the Fire’s logo on their website. The three-count breach of contract suit seeks nearly $36,000 plus attorneys fees and court costs, as well as an injunction preventing the CFJI from further use of Fire marketing materials.

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