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Based in Naperville, Illinois, eminent domain attorney Denice Gierach assists clients throughout northern Illinois and the Chicago area with condemnation issues by the state, federal, and local municipal governments.

There are typically two major issues regarding eminent domain and government condemnation cases: (1) Can the federal government, state, or local municipality take my land? and (2) What is a fair value for my land?

Denice A. Gierach is an attorney with over 30 years experience. She also holds a CPA and a Master’s Degree in management. She is a tough litigator and shrewd negotiator. For more information about Denice and our law firm, please visit our Firm Overview page.

Eminent Domain – What is a Proper Taking?

If the governmental entity taking your land under eminent domain can demonstrate an economic public interest, they probably have the right to condemn your land. The issue is typically whether you are receiving fair value for your land.

Eminent Domain – Fair Value – Highest and Best Use

If your land is the subject of a government taking, you want to make certain you are receiving fair compensation for your property. At the Gierach Law Firm, we know how to ensure you receive top dollar for your property.

You are entitled to the value of your land for its highest and best use. That means if you own a farm and it is zoned for commercial use, you are entitled to the higher value of the land as commercial land, rather than the lower value of the land as farm land. We have a network of appraisers and realtors to assist us in determining the highest and best use of your land and assessing a value range for your property. We then aggressively protect your interests and pursue the best possible price from the government entity. If we are unable to attain a fair price, we will pursue your claim in the courts.

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