Consult a Tax Lawyer in Naperville for Tax Planning for Your Illinois Business

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Tax Planning For Your Illinois Business

Every company pays taxes, but with advance tax planning and sound legal advice from a Naperville business lawyer, many businesses can minimize the tax consequences. At The Gierach Law Firm we provide comprehensive tax planning services for Illinois businesses. Whether you need advice regarding the organization of your new business or the timing of a business expense, our tax planning lawyer in Naperville can help.

Combining Tax Experience and Business Acumen

Naperville business lawyer Denice Gierach brings to her business clients 30 years of legal knowledge and a practical understanding of business matters. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and holds a Master’s degree in business management. Her knowledge of the tax code as it applies to business entities allows her to develop tax strategies that maximize your profits while complying with IRS requirements.

Tax Considerations for Businesses

  • Buying and selling. Are you contemplating the purchase or sale of a significant asset, such as commercial real estate, land, or business assets? The timing of a purchase or sale can figure prominently in your business taxation picture.
  • New business development. Are you starting a new business or buying one? The type of business entity you choose or the way you structure your business purchase will have tax consequences.
  • Selling a business. Understand your exposure to capital gains taxes and how that exposure may differ if you are selling the business and its assets or just selling stock.
  • Adding a deferred compensation plan. Are you considering offering a deferred compensation plan to lure a highly qualified candidate to your company? There are tax ramifications to doing so. Let us help you set up a proper plan.
  • Leasing or buying. Which is best? We can review your proposed commercial real estate purchase and help you weigh the tax advantages against the risks.

Consult a Tax Lawyer in Naperville First

Your business organization, business transactions, and business contracts together create the overall financial picture of your company. Our tax panning lawyer in Naperville will meet with you to review all the facets of your business and can then explain how your proposed transaction — anticipated income, appreciation, depreciation — will affect your tax liabilities. She can advise on the most beneficial structuring or timing of a business transaction.

Our Tax Attorney in Naperville Can Help You with Tax Problems

If your company has experienced problems with Illinois sales tax or employment taxes, or has been notified of an audit with the Illinois Department of Revenue or the IRS, we can help you get the professional representation you need.

We work with a number of experienced and highly trusted CPAs and auditors in the Chicago area. We can refer you to a CPA who specializes in the area in which you are experiencing a problem. The Gierach Law Firm is a resource you can trust for all your legal needs.

Contact a Tax Planning Lawyer in Naperville to Improve Your Tax Position

For information and advice about business tax planning, contact the Gierach Law Firm at (630) 756-1160 for skilled legal help from a tax attorney in Naperville. We serve clients in the greater Chicago area and across northern Illinois.

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