General Counsel Services

Have An Illinois Business Lawyer On Hand

Having an in-house legal department to answer questions and oversee transactions is the norm for large businesses, but many small and mid-sized businesses find that the cost of having this valuable resource on staff is not cost-effective. For many firms without a legal department, The Gierach Law Firm acts as a general counsel on a contractual basis. Without having to assume the expense of the salaried employee, you can obtain the advice you need regarding contracts, due diligence reviews, tax laws, and other pressing matters when you need it most.

Many businesses have found that contacting our Naperville law office and scheduling a consultation with attorney Denice Gierach is the best way to see why this arrangement can offer you the ongoing relationship you need with a price tag in line with your budget. We can also provide corporate counsel services if you are interested in advice on a single matter, such as taxes or litigation. [should we insert our phone number here?]

Why Develop An Ongoing Legal Relationship?

Your business may have issues and concerns that are common to others in your industry and of the same size and scope, yet your firm is unique, with its own history and culture. When you have a legal issue, you could present the facts to any attorney, who would have to get up to speed with your business before responding with the right legal answer. The advantage of working with a professional who is your dedicated general counsel is that we already know and understand your business, which gives us a greater degree of understanding as we approach your case.

Our past experience working with you gives us insights about your business and industry, your financial situation and tax liability, your contracts, and your staff. We are in an excellent position to assess the legal, financial, and tax ramifications of a proposed action in order to give you the clear legal guidance you need in the situation.

As a General Counsel client, we offer you the prompt service you need. When you call, we will return your call the same day – just as if we were on staff.

We Offer The Experience You Can Depend On

When you work with The Gierach Law Firm, you will work with an in-demand firm that has aided many Chicago-area businesses. Named among the top 20 of “Influential Women in Business” by the Business ledger for 2008, Denise Gierach is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has a Masters degree in Business Management. In addition to her law degree, she is in an excellent position to provide business law services, as she has done for the past 30 years.

When You Need General Counsel

You may find yourself in need of the advice of a General Counsel when you:

  • Need to conduct a due diligence review of business contracts
  • Need to review provisions and revisions on commercial lease agreements
  • Need legal advice on employment law, especially when you are terminating employees or offering severance pay
  • Need to understand the tax consequences and deductibility of financial transaction


While we will gladly work as Corporate Counsel on these matters, having us under contract as your General Counsel offers you the advantages of having an in-house attorney without the commitment you have to make to an employee.


Have An Illinois Business Lawyer On Speed Dial

We want to be your General Counselor. Contact the Gierach Law Firm for ongoing legal advice from a skilled Naperville business attorney.

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