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contact-us-naperville-attorneyWhether you are in the early stages of starting a business of your own, or you’ve invested your life in building a successful venture, you have a lot of hopes — and often money — at stake.

A successful business is hard work, but getting good legal advice to help you make decisions, minimize risk and protect your finances need not be difficult. It’s as simple as contacting a top Naperville Business Lawyer at The Gierach Law Firm.

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Business lawyer Denice Gierach brings to the firm’s business clients 30 years of experience in business law as well as education and experience as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a Masters degree in business management. TheBusiness Ledger named her one of twenty “Influential Women in Business” for 2008. She is a past contributor to the Naperville Sun, helping people understand business and estate planning topics.

Ms. Gierach is the business lawyer and attorney that many Naperville and Chicago-area businesses and entrepreneurs rely on when they need legal advice, transactional services, and business contracts, all with an eye on the legal and tax ramifications.

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The Gierach Law Firm provides comprehensive business law services including:

Employment Law from a Top Business Attorney

A skilled employment attorney can help business clients develop and maintain proper business practices and minimize the risk of employment disputes and litigation. We draft personnel policies and handbooks, employment contracts and non-compete agreements, and advise employers on severance practices.

Deferred compensation plans and stock options are often used to lure high-performing employees into the fold. We help employers draft employment agreements and deferred compensation plans that clearly define the performance measures required of the incoming employee.

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For sound legal advice from a skilled business attorney, contact the Gierach Law Firm to discuss how our legal services can help protect and grow your business!

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