Naperville Business Lawyer Featured in the Daily Herald

The Gierach Law Firm is pleased to announce that it was recently featured in the Daily Herald in one of its Business Columns by Jim Kendall.

The article, titled “Sales Success: Talk the prospect’s language” focuses on the difficulties many small business owners face when making a sales call. The Gierach Law Firm, located in Naperville, is honored to be featured in this publication, and we hope to continue serving business owners and managers in our community.

daily herald Naperville Business Lawyer Denice Gierach

Denice A. Gierach, above, has more than 30 years owning her own business and working with other small business owners.

Managing partner Denice A. Gierach was featured in the article for giving her perspective on how to approach sales targets. She asks them, “If we’re talking three years from now, what has to have happened for you to be a success?” Ms. Gierach uses their answers to steer the conversation toward the legal services offered by the Gierach Law Firm, which can help these sales targets reach their business goals.

Ms. Gierach has found this strategy incredibly effective when approaching prospective business clients regarding the Gierach Law Firm’s Inside/Outside © General Counsel Program.

The program is designed to offer the same legal services and benefits of an in-house legal team, at a fraction of the cost and hassle. So when a business owner says they find their legal function is disorganized, Ms. Gierach highlights her program’s ability to consolidate legal functions under one authority.

If a business manager complains about hefty costs for legal services, Ms. Gierach notes that her program can save the business a substantial amount. For example, many costs normally associated with hiring an in-house counsel, such as office support staff and hiring a head-hunter, are no longer necessary when using the Gierach Law Firm’s outsourced general counsel services.

More information about the benefits of an outsourced general counsel can be found in this free guide.

Contact a Naperville Small Business Lawyer

If you are a small business owner and would like to talk with us abut our experience with sale, or if you would just like some advice from an experienced Illinois small business law attorney, call the Gierach Law Firm. When you call us at 630-756-1160, we will schedule an appointment to learn about your situation and determine how we can best be of service to you.


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