National Estate Planning Awareness Week Begins October 19th

estate planning awareness week, estate plan, Illinois estate planning lawyerAccording to national estimates, only about three out of ten American adults have taken the time to develop an estate plan. This means that a large majority of people will have little or no control over their property and assets after their death. For some, the lack of estate planning is based in the attitude of “Who cares? I’ll be gone,” while others may believe their acquired property to be too inconsequential to really matter all that much. Neither of these beliefs could be further from the truth, and a Naperville estate planning attorney can help you develop a plan to meet your needs no matter what your personal or financial situation may be.

Federal Legislation for Estate Planning Awareness Week

Back in 2008, an interest group known as the Financial Awareness Foundation worked with leaders in the United States Congress to recognize the importance of comprehensive estate planning. The result was House Resolution 1499, which set aside the third week in October as National Estate Planning Awareness Week. The purpose of the resolution and the awareness week was to remind citizens that “careful planning can greatly assist Americans in preserving assets built over a lifetime for the benefit of family, heirs, or charities.” This year, National Estate Planning Awareness Week will begin on October 19th and will run through the 25th.

Seize the Opportunity

At the Gierach Law Firm, we believe that every person should have a comprehensive estate plan. Whether you own multi-million dollar properties and have a seven-figure income, or you own a small house in the suburbs and are struggling to make ends meet, your property and assets should not be left to a probate court to divide. You have the right to control what happens to the things you have worked hard to acquire, as well as treasured heirlooms you want to see passed down to future generations.

We strongly encourage you to take some time during National Estate Planning Awareness Week and think about what you want for your family when you are no longer there to provide for them. It is certainly not easy, but do the best you can to be objective. If you knew you had only a few days to live, what would you like to see happen with your assets and belongings? Write your ideas down, no matter how outrageous or, conversely, how unoriginal they may seem to you.

Once you have your ideas on paper, contact one of our experienced Naperville estate planning attorneys. We can help you understand how to turn those ideas into reality. The team at the Gierach Law Firm understands how sensitive and personal estate planning can be, and it would be our honor and privilege to assist you throughout the process. Call 630-756-1160 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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