New Parents need Life Insurance too

New Parents need Life Insurance tooMany people believe that there is no greater need for life insurance than for new parents. This is a time in life when your responsibilities increase greatly, and knowing that you have your finances in order is a great way to calm a few nerves.

The idea of life insurance is to provide financial security for those loved ones in the unlikely event of a death. There is no more important time in life for this than when starting a new family. The main reason being that if you are the main money earner in the family and you died, the responsibility for looking after your money falls to those closest to you. This could cause endless strain and problems on those left behind and at a time of great emotional stress.

If you have a mortgage, credit card bills, and other financial responsibilities then it can add up to quite a large sum, and if you are no longer there to pay it all off then it can cause huge disruptions and hardships. That is why life insurance is so important as your responsibilities grow. There is a variety of different options available, and selecting the right one for your family is very important. It comes down to a basic choice between term life insurance and the various options of whole life insurance.

Whichever policy you decide to choose, you will need to name a beneficiary to the payout. This is a very important stage of the process and you should take a lot of time and care to choose wisely. Obviously, if you have a spouse then it would seem sensible to choose them. However if you do not, and you have young children then it will be important to select the correct beneficiary.

It may seem like a large expense to pay out on at a time when money is already tight; however, it will certainly pay off in the event that you are no longer around to look after your family. If you have questions regarding life insurance, call your Illinois estate-planning attorney today.



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