New York Company Expanding in the Illinois Area

New York Company Expanding in the Illinois AreaA recent story in the Chicago Tribune stated that Focus Financial Partners LLC bought the independent investment advisory firm Vestor Capital Partners on October 1. This is Focus Financial’s fifth transaction this year. The acquisition brought over $500 million in client assets for the company, which now has more than $52 billion in assets.

“Over the years, Focus has worked to cultivate a partnership of strong, like-minded registered investment advisory firms that uphold high fiduciary standards and epitomize strong customer relationships,” Rudy Adolf, the founder of Focus Financial, said about the acquisition of the Chicago-based Vestor Capital.

Focus Financial is an international partnership of independent fiduciary wealth management firms. It was formed in 2006 and has been expanding by acquiring independent adviser teams. The company has 24 partner firms and affiliates, and over 750 employees. Many experienced brokers have been going into business for themselves, which has been beneficial for Focus. “We expect to see an acceleration of the current trend. 2012 probably will be, or have a good chance to be, the most successful year of assets moving,” according to Adolf.

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