Consider an Outsourced General Counsel for Your Business

general counsel, law, Illinois business law attorneyMany large corporations and Fortune 500 companies employ a fully functional legal team to manage the affairs of the company related to regulatory compliance, contracts, documentation, and other areas of law. The individual overseeing this team, or operating alone in the case of smaller businesses, is known the company’s general counsel, often referred to as in-house counsel due to the employment arrangement. Attorneys serving as general counsel are not necessarily specialists in any particular area of the law; instead they are prepared to help meet the legal needs of the company in a variety of areas.

Small businesses, however, may not have the capacity or resources to hire in-house general counsel. They often do not even have the need for a full-time attorney on staff, as the legal issues they face may be intermittent and sporadic. For many such businesses, an outsourced general counsel may provide a much more suitable option.

As opposed to being employed as part of a small company’s staff, the outsourced general counsel operates independently and in cooperation with the company ownership and management team. The attorney chosen as general counsel becomes intimately familiar with the business and can provide invaluable legal advice and services in a number of situations.

Template Documents

One of the areas in which an outsourced general counsel can be of most assistance to a small business is contracts and documentation. Employment contracts, purchasing contracts, leasing agreements, and non-compete agreements represent just a few examples of documents that often contain legally binding language. A general counsel can help a business develop and maintain a catalog of such documents, ensuring they meet the needs of the company while remaining in compliance with applicable law.

Regulatory Compliance

Depending on the industry in which it operates, a business may be subject to federal, state, and local regulations. Some must even remain in compliance with international regulatory procedures. Whether a business is concerned about paying overtime to hourly employees or acting in accordance with interstate commerce laws, the company’s general counsel can help ownership meet the necessary standards. Maintaining regulatory compliance is vital to the current and long-term success of any business.

Planning for the Future

A qualified general counsel can also be incorporated into the company’s management team as it creates and pursues future goals. A business owner may have expert-level insight into his or her particular field, but would greatly benefit from the input of the general counsel from a legal perspective. Such cooperation can help a company understand what lies ahead and the potential legal challenges that may need to be addressed in realizing sustained growth and success.

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