Proposed Legislation Could Affect Numerous Chicago Businesses

Operating a business in Chicago isn’t a simple process. Among other concerns, nearly every type of business must obtain at least one – and often many – business licenses. If Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has his way, this will soon change.

Emanuel has vowed to pass an ordinance reducing the number of business license types in the city of Chicago. There are currently 117 types of Chicago business licenses, covering the sale of everything from pet food to cookbooks to automobile repairs. Emanuel wants to reduce this number to 49, ultimately making it easier and cheaper for all types of businesses to operate in Chicago. Under the current rules, businesses in Chicago must often obtain multiple licenses – for example, a restaurant could be required to obtain a separate license just because they sell a cookbook in addition to food.

Proposed Legislation Could Affect Numerous Chicago BusinessesEmanuel has stated that not only will his proposed ordinance help business owners, but the city as well. Although the city could lose some revenue due to decreased fines related to not having the correct businesses licenses, he asserted that the increased economic revenue will make up for it. He also purported that city inspectors will be able to spend more time investigating illegal and irresponsible businesses, versus those that may have just inadvertently filed the wrong paperwork.

Speaking at Logan’s Kitchen, a local Chicago businesses that has struggled with the administrative process, Emanuel said “I want all these business owners focused on their customer, not City Hall.”

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