Protecting Customer’s Privacy

Protecting Customer’s PrivacyAs businesses continue to use off-site data sharing services such as Dropbox and GoToMyPC, data security becomes a very important part of any business.  When data is taken off of a firewall protected network, there are a lot of threats.  Whether it is data corrupting viruses or data stealing viruses a company has made an understood to protect the data of customers and employees.  It may be easier to work from home but it might not be safer.

This is why the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations has designed standards for safeguarding information.  The purpose of these guidelines is to maintain the confidentiality of customer information, protect against any reasonable threats which could in any manner harm or inconvenience their customers.  Within those possible threats the code identifies areas which must be assessed for the risks inherit.  Employees should be trained to properly maintain, use and dispose of information.  Your network and software should be designed and tested to verify the safety of private information.  And if you are unable to control your own information, you must use a service provider that is able to manage your security issues.

There are different statutes in place for companies defined as “financial institutions”.  These institutions offer financial products or services to individuals such as insurance, loans, or investment advice.  The use of a customer’s information at a business of this type is defined by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Modernization act of 1999.  This requires the disclosure of such institutions data-collecting policies.

Just as it is important to control your customer’s data, it is important to protect yourself against possible litigation stemming from data or identity theft.  If you were unfortunately compromised by a virtual attack on your business, please contact an expert business litigation attorney in Naperville today.  They will be able to look at the particulars of your case and protect you against business lawsuits.