Recruiting Tips for How to Attract the Best Millennial Workers

Gierach Law Firm, Naperville small business law attorney, small business law, Illinois small business attorneys, headhunters, job board, best millennial workersAs more millennial workers enter the job market, their academic accomplishments make them attractive—especially when compared to existing market participants. While companies that are top industry players with impressive revenue streams assume that young talent will automatically flock to their business, the reality has shown something different. This is because businesses do not understand the driving factors affecting millennials’ decisions to take particular job opportunities that are presented.

Traditionally, companies have relied on headhunters and employment firms to find workers on their behalf. However, a study has revealed that millennials are searching on their own for upstarts and new and promising companies that may have substantial upside potential, even if they currently lack huge revenue streams.

It is this varying view of what employers believe is important to job-seeking millennials, versus the reality of millennial motivations, that will prevent many businesses from attracting the best millennial talent. As a result, employers need to understand this demographic to effectively attract the talented young professionals that they need.

Recruiting Practices for Attracting the Best Millennial Workers

A recent study of Fortune 100 recruiting practices has revealed three main issues facing the companies seeking to recruit and attract new millennial talent.

First, many of these companies lacked a mobile device presence with regards to the millennials’ abilities to access potential career opportunity postings on their tablets and cell phones. Around 77 percent of job seekers utilize mobile devices in order to conduct job searches. Furthermore, a review of every Fortune 100 company’s mobile career page revealed that almost 75 percent of these companies had not optimized such pages to facilitate mobile phone access. This fact is significant because almost 65 percent of job searchers will not use a desktop computer to apply for job opportunities once they determine that they cannot apply with their mobile phone.

A second mistake that Fortune 100 companies have made when attempting to attract millennials is that they are not providing applicants with an adequate representation of what daily work life will be upon employment. Career pages typically only provide minimal job descriptions instead of providing detailed accounts that illustrate what a listed position will require on a daily basis. The lack of a personal touch will fail to attract the very best millennials, who, as research indicates, are more interested in a positive work environment with hands-on support from management.

Finally, a third mistake revealed the inconsistent efforts to reach out to potential employee bases. It seems that Fortune 100 companies are not taking the time to ensure that potential employees are continuously being engaged and educated about the company and their available employment opportunities. According to Mashable, millennials searching for jobs look at a company’s content page before even visiting its career page. This stage is the crucial point where many businesses are not taking full advantage of the opportunity to educate millennial job seekers specifically about their business. Instead, such content pages provide more general information typically geared towards clients, instead of job seekers.

Do not make the mistakes of Fortune 100 companies. Consider the unique needs and driving forces behind millennial job seekers so that you can attract the best talent for your small business. Furthermore, if you need assistance with business law issues, contact the Illinois small business attorneys at the Gierach Law Firm for immediate help.