Naperville Business Owner Talks About Negative Online Reviews

review, Naperville business law attorneyIt is important to be clear on one point right away: it is virtually impossible to completely satisfy every client that walks through your door. That is simply a fact. Of course, you and your team will certainly try and, maybe, by your own standards, you will succeed nearly 100 percent of the time. Your standards, though, are not your customer’s standards, and in many cases, what your customer was hoping for is not reasonable, realistic, or even possible.

As a business law attorney, I realize that the internet provides anyone with a screen and a web connection access to a wide variety of platforms to express his or her displeasure, no matter how misguided it may be. When a negative review shows up on Google or Yelp about your company, however, it is possible to take control of the conversation and, possibly, turn the situation into an opportunity for growth.

Take Your Time, But Not Too Much

Before responding to a negative review, you should take a step back and let your initial reaction subside. You are human, so your first impulse probably included the desire to fire back sharply, with carefully-chosen words that informed the poster exactly what he or she could do with his or her opinion. Such feelings are only natural when you feel attacked, and a negative review nearly always feels like a personal attack. For the sake of your company’s reputation, control yourself. If a response is appropriate, it will need to be posted quickly, but not necessarily immediately. Calm down first, and come back to it later with a clear head and a subjective attitude.

Understand What Is Being Said

If the negative review is just a bunch of scathing words that are not really saying anything, it may be best to just ignore it. Most readers who stumble across it later will have the same trouble discerning what the problem was as well. On the other hand, if the review refers to specific actions taken or attitudes demonstrated by you and your team, some self-reflection may be in order. Remember, even though you may be taking the time to calm down before responding, the reviewer, more than likely, did not do the same. A large number of negative reviews are written in the heat of an angry moment, and it is important to see through the emotion and figure out the real problem.

Be Reasonable and Offer Solutions if Possible

You may read the negative review and immediately realize that you could have done something differently to satisfy the person in the first place. If it is not too late, offer to fix the issue in a tone that is apologetic and personable. If the opportunity for correcting the problem has passed, you can still acknowledge the error and promise—truthfully!—that it will be addressed within your company.

In some cases, the reviewer’s anger will be directed toward you but the actual source of the concern may be beyond anyone’s control. For example, if you did everything you could for your customer within the bounds of ethical business practices, you still may get a negative review. Responding to such a criticism may still be worthwhile, not for the angry client necessarily, but to show other prospective clients that you continue to care about their well-being even when they are not happy.

We Can Help

The way in which you handle negative reviews can quickly become a strength for your company. It is very difficult for many potential customers to trust perfect scores and satisfaction ratings, and your responses can be very telling about your commitment and personality. To learn more about protecting your business, contact an experienced Naperville business law attorney. Call The Gierach Law Firm at 630-756-1160 for confidential consultation today.






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