Naperville Business Lawyer on Restaurant’s Plans to Find New Location

location, Naperville business law attorneyIn the world of real estate, there is an often repeated mantra that the three most important elements of a property are its “location, location, and location.” Obviously meant to be hyperbole, the maxim emphasizes the critical importance of location on the value of a property and how quickly it may sell.

As an experienced business law attorney, I frequently remind my clients that location is equally an equally important consideration for business owners. Where your company is located and accessibility to your property can directly impact your customers’ willingness to do business with you. Once you have decided where to open your business, however, your concerns about location may continue. Such is the case for a child-themed restaurant in Oak Lawn which has announced plans to move its operations.

Police Calls, Fights, and Public Safety Concerns

Chuck E. Cheese has operated a location in the village of Oak Lawn since 1983. As one of about 600 stores nationwide, the pizza restaurant is known for children’s birthday parties and hundreds of square feet of kids’ rides and arcade games. Over the last several years, however, serious problems have developed for the Oak Lawn location, with police being called to the restaurant about 40 times per year—and as many as 50 this year.

There have been countless reports of violent altercations between adults, some even leading to gunfire. An off-duty Oak Lawn police officer working as security at the location was reportedly assaulted by patrons earlier this year. Through it all, Chuck E. Cheese’s parent company, CEC Entertainment has been working hard to get a handle on the situation, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on improvements and additional security measures. The establishment even gave up its liquor license in an effort to reduce violent disturbances by its patrons.

Voluntary Exodus

The proverbial last straw, it seems, was an incident that began at the Chuck E. Cheese and spilled over into a nearby shopping center parking lot. The situation ended with a man being shot by unknown gunmen twice while in his car with his two children. CEC Entertainment officials decided to act in advance of a likely revocation of its business license in Oak Lawn and announced plans to find a new location in another community.

Location means more than just where a physical building sits. It also addresses the economic health of the neighborhood, the type of available customer base, and many other factors. All things considered, it was time for the restaurant to find a new location that could contribute to a safer, more enjoyable experience for its youthful customers.

Questions About Choosing a Location?

Whether you are creating a new business, opening a second site, or looking to move your existing business, an experienced business law attorney in Naperville can help you find the right location. Call The Gierach Law Firm today at 630-756-1160 and get the answers you need to whatever questions you may have about the importance of finding the right location.



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