Safety Called into Question at Illinois Gun Range

A local business in Elmwood Park had a bad visit from OSHA on January 21st 2012.  OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is a government body that ensures safe and healthy work environments.  Illinois Gun Works Ltd. was cited for 28 alleged safety violations, which corresponds to over $100,000 worth of fines.  Illinois Gun Works is a gun shop, shooting range and a gun training facility.

27 of the health code violations are considered serious offences, while one is termed “other than serious”.  Of those 28 citations, 13 are related to gun-shoplead exposure levels.  At the time of the inspection, a firing range instructor was exposed to over 12 times the federal standards of lead saturation.  In a different examination, the levels were above 7 times higher.  The business also didn’t require their employees to shower when they were finished with their duties.

Lead is released into the air from a discharged firearm, from the bullets hitting a target and other materials used in the operation of a firearm.  In indoor gun ranges, there is an exhaust system that should take the lead dust out of the air.  The lead that is not taken out of the gun range settles into the ceiling, walls, and floors.  Respiratory protection issues are the fourth most common issue violated by businesses.

Illinois Gun Works was served with these citations and they need to pay, contest, or request an informal conference to confer about the violations within 15 days.  The owner of the business is reaching out to lawayers to make the correct determination of his case.  Safety is a major concern for a business due to monetary concerns like insurance, workman’s compensation, worker productivity and possible legal disputes. Safety also concerns the employee with sickness, injury and death.  If your business or your work has experienced safety issues it can be beneficial to seek counsel from an experienced business attorney in the Chicago area.