Naperville Estate Planning Attorney Salutes the Service of Veterans

veterans, Naperville estate planning lawyerRegardless of how you may feel about the results of this week’s presidential election, there is a great deal to be said about the freedom we as Americans have to choose our own political leaders. Even the protests that have sprung up across the country demonstrate a measure of liberty that is not afforded to citizens of many countries throughout the world. Our great nation—we have flaws, to be sure, but it is a great nation—was founded on the ideals of individual freedoms and basic human rights. While we may disagree to an extent on how such ideals should be achieved, there is no question about how they have been protected throughout our country’s history.

The men and women who serve in our nation’s armed forces have risked everything to stand up for the values that we hold dear. It is the sacrifice and dedication of veterans from all walks of life that affords us the ability to live, speak, worship, and assemble as we please. As a proud American and an experienced estate planning attorney, I am pleased to help veterans as well as current servicemen and women with their unique estate planning needs.

Estate Planning Concerns for Members of the Military

Military service, in many ways, is very different than civilian employment. For members of the active duty armed forces, it is virtually an encompassing way of life. Of course, the very nature of military service means that those who serve are often placed in dangerous situations with the danger of death always a reality. Servicemen and women—especially those about to be deployed to a combat or conflict zone—typically understand the need for comprehensive estate planning better than their civilian counterparts.

Of course, there are also numerous laws and legal guidelines applicable only to members of the armed services. Such laws may address residency concerns—including a military member’s home of record compared to his or her current duty station—as well as veterans’ benefits and guaranteed pensions for those who retire from a career in military service.

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At The Gierach Law Firm, we recognize the importance of proper estate planning for both civilians and armed service members. To learn more about wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other reliable tools, contact an experienced Naperville estate planning attorney today. Call 630-756-1160 and get the help you need today. On behalf of my associates and my entire staff and in recogntion of Veterans Day, I am proud to honor the service of our nation’s veterans and am extremely grateful for their commitment and sacrifice.



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