Saving on small business travel

Nothing beats the power of a face-to-face meeting for closing a deal or just maintaining a good relationship with a client. Business travel can be expensive, though, especially for small businesses, but here are a few ways to save today.

1. Travel earlier in the year: January and February are often the months which are less expensive to travel in, of course, with a few exceptions. Often times, leisure travelers and business people avoid winter months, so tickets are cheaper. However, be sure to avoid holiday weeks, like President’s Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

2. Use alternate airports: If you are traveling into a big city, try instead to fly into a smaller, nearby city. Lower-cost airlines often run flights from secondary airports, such as Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and San Jose or Oakland, California. While searching for flights online, look for the “check nearby airports” option.

3. Check airline cancellation and change policies: Business travel is much more likely to get changed or cancelled than leisure travel, so be sure to know how much you will lose if you make a last minute adjustment.

4. Shop around for prices on the internet: Do not limit your searching to the internet, be sure to call hotels directly as well. Often the lowest rates – especially if it changes at the last minute – can be found by calling the hotel.

5. Get a credit card that gives you miles: Pay all business expenses on that card, then use the miles that you gain for business travel.

6. Be aware of all costs before booking a hotel: Be sure you know the cost of extras such as meals, parking, and internet access along with the room.

7. Look for moderately prices, business-oriented hotels: Many hotel chains are geared towards businesspeople. They often include free: Wi-Fi, breakfast, and parking.

8. Use your own cell phone when you are in the U.S.: Hotel calls can often be costly.

9. Use smartphone apps to connect to home: When you are out of the country use the internet to contact across the water, like Skype and Facebook.

10. Rent a car for a metro area: When staying in a city, however, use taxis and public transportation.

11. Use frequent flyer miles for expensive trips: It is much more expensive to travel last minute than to travel when you plan months in advance.

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