SBA Recommends Legal Representation for Business Owners

Although there are some legal situations where a small business owner may decide to handle without an attorney, such as naming your business and claiming a trademark, there are other legal issues that the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) recommends that small business owners should retain the services of a lawyer to handle.

Legal Representation for Business OwnersIf you have decided to form a corporation with shareholders and a board, you’ll find it’s a much more complex process than forming an LLC. Although the articles of incorporation can be filed without an attorney, the administrative side of managing the complex tax and legal requirements often requires the services of a good business attorney.

If you are buying or selling your business, you should retain an attorney to facilitate in the negotiations of any sales agreements, leases, etc.

If you need to file a patent for your business, it’s always best to utilize the service of an attorney to handle the matter. The process of filing is a very long (sometimes can take years) and a very complicated one.

If your business is facing any kind of litigation, whether the company is being sued or doing the suing, it’s always legally prudent to have an attorney represent you. Some lawsuits small business owners face includes lawsuits by customer, current or former employees, harassment or discrimination lawsuits and environmental lawsuits. Business owners should also retain legal representation if they are being investigated by a branch of the government for violations or any other charges.

If you are a business owner and are dealing with any of the issues described here, you should consult with an experienced Illinois business attorney.