Security Firm to Advise New Illinois Medical Marijuana Businesses

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It is expected that at any moment the state of Illinois will officially issue the first licenses to allow entrepreneurs to sell and grow medical marijuana in the state. Of course, with departing Governor Pat Quinn leaving office without awarding any licenses, the decision is now left to incoming Governor Bruce Rauner, which has left many wondering when licenses would be disbursed.

According to participants, the issuance of licenses will ultimately be no small feat, considering that the application process for participation in Illinois’ medical marijuana program has been long and arduous. Would-be medical marijuana patients have similarly complained about the intrusive and onerous process for submitting medical marijuana applications.

Part of the holdup has been the zoning decisions and requirements with regards to where marijuana dispensaries can be located and operated. The other issue has been the complex legal issues that come with marijuana dispensaries, especially given the fact that such activities are technically illegal under federal law. However, the federal government is expected to continue to turn a blind eye to medical marijuana in Illinois, as they have in California, Colorado, and other states with similar measures. Additional concerns have revolved around the safety of those businesses that will be granted approval to grow and sell medical marijuana.

Illinois Medical Marijuana Businesses and Safety Concerns

Many of the safety concerns about Illinois’ medical marijuana businesses and their location have been dealt with through community outreach initiatives and from specific zoning determinations. However, business owners are concerned about the safety of their actual business, especially in the face of criminals looking to steal their products and the funds that have been earned. As a result, Blue Line Security has been contracted by some of these businesses to provide protection to many prospective marijuana licensees.

Blue Line Security is a startup from Denver, Colorado that provides security services for medical marijuana dispensaries. Blue Line Security will be hosting training sessions for prospective starting in 2015. Many Illinois small businesses are hoping to learn from the experiences of states such as Colorado, where a former Aurora, Colorado cop believes that the biggest mistake marijuana business made was a failure to consider  “in the long term-the amount of cash and how we’re going to handle that.”

Once the dispensaries begin operations, Blue Line Security will provide services necessary to ensure that medical marijuana is safely transported from its point of origin to the dispensary where it will be eventually be sold. Blue Line Security will conduct these activities through the use of unmarked armored vehicle transportation that will perform daily marijuana pickups from the production locations. From there, the product that is being transported is kept safe and secure in serial numbered, zip-locked buckets. State-licensed delivery teams made up of former law enforcement and military professionals will then hand-carry the buckets to the medical marijuana dispensaries so that the product can be sold to patients. Once the buckets are received, they are opened and the contents are reviewed. At this point state paperwork must be signed by both retail clerks and the armed guards that delivered the product.

This process might seem like overkill, but the reality is that once operations begin, dispensaries and growers will have to protect not only their marijuana product, which in bulk will be worth a small fortune, but also the potential $1 million a day in truck loads of cash. As a result, local Illinois small businesses participating in the Illinois Medical Marijuana program must take precautions to account for these heightened security concerns. Whenever you have legal concerns regarding your small business, contact the Illinois small business law attorneys at Gierach Law Firm today. We can help you with whatever business law-related issues you may be facing.