Small Businesses Use Videos to Gain Market Share for Holiday Season

Naperville small business attorneys, small businesses use videos, Gierach Law Firm, Facebook ads, Facebook promotions, Facebook’s Ads Manager services, promotional advertisements, small business marketingAccording to the vice president of Facebook, videos will be a great tool this year for small businesses looking to gain attention amidst the rampant holiday season marketing campaigns. Small businesses have been advised that videos are a great medium to help companies differentiate themselves from the hoards and to access new potential clients.

In the past year, the use of videos on Facebook by medium and small-sized businesses have doubled, and in September 2014 alone over three million videos were posted on the website. Some of the benefits that come with posting videos on Facebook include the ability to gather success measurements based on the number of video views. Furthermore, a recently released mobile version of the Facebook video tool allows video advertisements to be managed via smartphones or tablets.

The Use of Videos Ads and Promotions on Facebook

Typically, video use on Facebook for small businesses has revolved around promotional advertisements. Using Facebook videos for promotions can be beneficial since this type of advertisement offers an alternative to spending large amounts of money in order to create a high-quality 30-second commercial for TV and the web. Instead of contracting with an expensive ad agency, small businesses can use tablets and smartphones, along with basic video software, to create their own Facebook video. Once the video has been posted on Facebook, users can not only “like” the video, but they can also share the holiday video on their Facebook page, which will allow additional Facebook users to access and view the video as well.

The benefits of using video to attract new customers are endless. There are minimal costs associated with producing and posting such videos. The amount of money that a small business decides to use in order to create a video is completely within its own discretion, and posting a video directly to a business’s Facebook page is a free service. However, small businesses looking for additional video exposure beyond their personal Facebook pages can create, for a small fee, a video ad directly through Facebook’s Ads Manager service. Doing so comes with additional benefits that do not come with regular posting.

Facebook’s Ads Manager services provides enhanced marketing and advertising services that offer greater benefits than just posting a video directly to a Facebook page. With Ads Manager, videos are capable of attracting a great degree of potential customers in an assortment of ways, including:

  • Automatic video optimization, allowing the video to be displayed to those members most likely to view the video on Facebook;

  • Video metrics that provide information about the demographics who viewed and responded most to the video, along with other metric indicators; and

  • Feedback for video advertising improvements.

This holiday season you should check out Facebook’s Ads Manager services as a new and inexpensive tool to get ads and promotions out about your small business. Also, feel free to contact the Naperville small business attorneys at Gierach Law Firm for any of the legal services, advice or representation that you need.