Naperville Business Lawyer Discusses the Success of Pokémon Go’s Halloween Event

pokemon go, Naperville business law attorneyOne of the keys to a successful business is knowing how to keep your customers engaged. There are many ways to do this, but as long as customers are willing to continue their relationship with your company, your business will continue to flourish and grow. Sometimes, however, the relationship between a company and its clients can become rather stale. When this happens, the company will often take steps to rejuvenate and reenergize its customer base.

As an experienced business law attorney, I recognize the importance of limited-time events and special sales designed to spark renewed customer interest. A good example of this type of effort can be found in the recent in-game Halloween event that boosted revenues for Pokémon Go by an estimated 130 percent.

Flatlining Interest

Since its debut in July of this year, Pokémon Go has become one of the most successful—if not the most successful—mobile game in history. Within 90 days of its launch, the app generated more than $600 million in revenue for its parent company Niantic. The game became so pervasive that total time users spent playing Pokémon Go exceeded that of the next 19 most popular games combined!

As time went on, however, many users began to lose interest. Some became less excited about the “grinding” necessary to be successful in the game, while others grew increasingly frustrated with changes that Niantic was making to gameplay and other features. It seemed that the summer fad was coming to an end.

Spooky and Successful

Then, in late October, a special in-game Halloween event was announced. For seven days, Pokémon Go players were treated to an increase in certain types of Pokémon creatures (primarily ghost-type Pokémon, fittingly for Halloween), as well as an increase in availability of candy, one of the in-game currencies that can be spent on upgrading (evolving) the creatures. As the event progressed, millions of users returned to the game in full force, leading to a dramatic resurgence in revenues for Niantic.

Even before the end of the event on November 1, estimates indicate that users spent more than two times as much money on the game than they did just one week earlier. In the previous Tuesday through Saturday period, Pokémon Go brought in approximately $10 million. In the first five days of the Halloween event, the game generated more than $23 million, an increase of 133 percent.

More Events to Come

In light of the event’s success, Niantic is expected to hold similar in-game events to coincide with upcoming holidays. There has been much talk about a Christmas-themed event as well as one designed for Easter next spring. As long as Pokémon Go continues to capture the imagination of its user-base, the revenues are sure to follow.

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