Naperville Estate Administration Lawyer Discusses the Duties of the Executor

If you have been asked by a friend or a loved one to be the executor of his or her estate, you might be tempted to simply say yes immediately. After all, you have a close relationship with that person, and it is the right thing to do, is it not? However, the full scope […]

Different Types of Fiduciaries

Beginning to plan one’s estate isn’t an easy task, and can be a dim reminder of mortality. Many people put off estate planning until they’re at the end of the road, which works in some cases, but can sometimes leave the person’s family straddled with an unmanageable tax burden, debt, or, at the very least, […]

Restitution for 17 Conned Out Of Their Estate Planning Funds

We all plan on a future of retirement and enjoying our lives. Some even go so far as to plan out their estate for the younger generations to be secure financially. Much planning and investing has to happen in order for that to occur. Finding the right person to assist you in that process is […]