Naperville Business Lawyer Talks About the Cubs’ Playoff Ticket Warnings

The Chicago Cubs represent one of Major League Baseball’s most historic franchises. However, much of that time has been spent the sport’s poster child for heartbreak and disappointment. The Cubs have not won a World Series championship since 1908—more than 100 years ago—and have not even returned to the World Series since 1945. “There’s always […]

Illinois Retailer Sued for Fraudulent Business Practices

As a business owner, you know that it can be difficult, at times, to balance all of your required responsibilities. Clients are regularly asking our firm for advice on meeting the expectations of customers and creating a positive atmosphere for employees, all while increasing revenue and profits. Less scrupulous business owners, however, may be tempted […]

Tipping Fraud Incentives Soon To Be Reduced

Seeing something being done wrong makes anyone feel uneasy. The thought of doing something about it runs through your head. Actually going ahead and doing something can be scary and intimidating. But something has to be done, right? Telling authorities of inappropriate behavior and actions is the right thing to do and some sort of […]

Restitution for 17 Conned Out Of Their Estate Planning Funds

We all plan on a future of retirement and enjoying our lives. Some even go so far as to plan out their estate for the younger generations to be secure financially. Much planning and investing has to happen in order for that to occur. Finding the right person to assist you in that process is […]

FTC Shuts Down Pyramid Scheme Company

Direct-sales company Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing was shut down on January 28 because the company was operating a pyramid scheme, according to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune. The company had hired people to sell products made by certain cellphone providers, Frontpoint Home Security and Dish Network, and also sold many types of health and […]

Record Penalties For Fraud

The New York Times did a lengthy story about fraud cases and their penalties. According to the story, pharmaceutical companies, military contractors, banks, and other corporations are on track to pay as much as $8 billion this year to resolve charges for defrauding the government. It is around twice as much as the Justice Department’s […]

Peregrine CEO Arrested on Fraud Charges

According to the Chicago Tribune, the founder and CEO of Peregrine Financial, a now-defunct futures brokerage firm that filed for bankruptcy protection last week and was formerly headquartered in Chicago, has been arrested on federal fraud charges. Russell Wasendorf Sr. was formally charged on Friday, five days after he attempted suicide in the parking lot […]