Naperville Business Lawyer on Coming Up With a Business Idea in 2019

New Year’s resolutions have long been a way for people to motivate themselves into doing something positive. Many people, for example, make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight or start going to the gym. Others commit to going back to school or spending more time with family. It is also common for would-be entrepreneurs […]

A Common Regret for Business Owners

Are you a visionary with impeccable organizational skills and a sharp business acumen? If so, you may be well-qualified to get a commercial new enterprise off the ground. A qualified business planning attorney can assist you in taking the necessary steps toward building a successful new company. Specifically, I can tell you that there are […]

Empowering Your Employees to Grow Your Business

With any business owner—especially those whose businesses maintain employees—there is likely to be element of wanting to be in charge. While individual personalities certainly differ, business owners are rarely passive, as evidenced by their willingness to invest in an idea or commercial concept. They are much more likely, in general, to establish control over a situation, […]