Naperville Lawyer Highlights Helpful Resource: the Illinois Small Business Development Center

When you start or run a small business, you may have several logistical concerns. Some may be best dealt with by seeking the advice and assistance of a business law attorney. However, there will be times when it is appropriate to reach out to community resources specifically designed to assist small business owners. One such […]

Highly Litigious Climate Presents Challenges to Small Business Owners

A recent business climate report surveyed thousands of small business owners and asked them to apply a letter grade to the business regulations for operation in their state. Illinois was one of the six states that received a failing grade in the report. This report, along with others, has indicated that Illinois is at the […]

The Small BREW Act May Provide Tax Relief to Local Breweries

Illinois’ local brewery business is booming. In the last few decades local beer brewers have emerged as some of the region’s most successful small businesses. Many of these local brewers ship their beers across the country, while also maintaining a local presence through flagship restaurant locations throughout the state. State legislatures are acknowledging the positive […]

Starbuck Loses Trademark Lawsuit

In a legal case of David and Goliath, a small NH coffee shop has prevailed over a trademark infringement lawsuit filed against them by corporate giant Starbucks. Jim and Annie Clark own and operate the Black Bear Micro Roastery, located in Tuftonboro, NH. One of the coffee blends offered to their customers is called “Charbucks.” […]

The Confusion Regarding Corporate Tax Payments in Illinois

At the end of January, Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan submitted a proposal aimed at cutting the corporate income tax in half. This move has been viewed somewhat pessimistically because three years before, Madigan was responsible for substantially increasing the income tax rate for Illinois companies. However, over the past year, Madigan has […]

Inexpensive Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses

Small business owners in Illinois have it tough. The cost of operating in this state are high, and are more easily absorbed by large corporations. However, there are a few ways in which small businesses can facilitate progress without breaking the bank. In fact here at the Gierach Law Firm we have compiled a list […]

Announcement of New Small Business Advocate Raises Suspicions

During Governor Pat Quinn’s January State of the State address, he announced that he would be appointing a new state small business advocate. In Quinn’s own words, the purpose of this state advocate is to provide “a voice for small businesses’ interests across state government.” This announcement is believed to be in response to the […]

Big Data and Small Businesses

Small business owners have a relatively new tool at their disposal that can help them stay on par with big businesses. Big data tools allow small business owners to gather massive amounts of data into tangible forms. The data collected is then used for a variety of business enhancement purposes, including tracking customer preferences in […]

Strict Compliance for Withholding Garnishment Notices

Receiving court ordered child support or alimony through wage garnishment  is a difficult process. In fact, an Illinois woman recently learned the hard way that the simple mistake of not including the proper social security number within a garnishment notice can result in invalid notice. The Case of Schultz v. Performance Lighting Inc  In Schultz […]

Small Business Owners and Disaster Preparedness Plans

Two weeks ago, brash tornados touched down throughout Illinois, leaving in their wake a trail of destruction. While locals are still attempting to pick up the pieces of this disaster, the small business attorneys here at Gierach Law Firm felt that this would be a good time to discuss the necessity of developing disaster preparedness […]