Naperville Business Lawyer on Smart Financial Moves for Small Business Owners

For small business owners, making intelligent financial decisions is essential for success. Studies show that an astounding eight out of ten new small business owners fail within the first year and a half of starting their business. Many of these businesses go bankrupt because the owner made major mistakes with how he or she managed […]

Funding to Start a Small Business

You don’t have to be a self-made millionaire or come from money to start a business. In recent years the number of entrepreneurs across the country has skyrocketed. According to Forbes magazine, “as of March 2011, there are an average of 320 new businesses launched every month, for every 100,000 U.S. adults.” That breaks down […]

Business Loans Done Differently

According to Red Eye Chicago, there are many businesses that are looking for loans. Some of these businesses are unable to get loans from conventional banking operations. That is where a new idea called Lend Square comes in. There are many parts of this option that fit nontraditional businesses. The way Lend Square works is […]