Naperville Business Law Attorney Discusses Business Plan Mistakes That Can Hinder Your Growth

You may already know the sobering statistics about the number of new businesses that fail. Studies show that within ten years of their inception, a shocking 96 percent of businesses have closed their doors. There are a great number of business owners and entrepreneurs who have brilliant ideas for products and services, but simply cannot […]

Naperville Business Attorney Highlights the Importance of Strong Service Contracts

When you founded or purchased your business, you probably did so with the expectation of providing specific goods and services to your customers in a manner that proved to be profitable and satisfying. In my Naperville business law practice, virtually every one of my business-owner clients began with that same mindset. There are some aspects […]

Alternative Dispute Resolution Is an Option for Illinois Business Disputes

Engaging in business litigation is time-consuming, stressful, and oftentimes, very expensive. While there may be circumstances in which holding a trial is the only feasible option, Naperville businesses can save time and money by avoiding the court process altogether. The large majority of Naperville business disputes end in out-of-court settlements. This is frequently accomplished through […]