What Does the New Republican Led Congress Mean for Small Businesses?

The power shift that has occurred as a result of Republicans gaining control of the U.S. Congress could provide small businesses in Illinois much needed relief with regards to federal taxes and other regulations. However, though Republicans have gained a majority, the possibility of new laws and reforms being passed could be impeded by both […]

Guerrilla Marketing 101 for Small Businesses

Guerilla marketing a is business strategy that uses non-traditional low-cost means in order to draw attention to a product, idea or service. In the past, guerilla marketing tools included flyer postings, graffiti, and sticker/ad bombings. However, in today’s digital age, guerilla marketing techniques have expanded to the use of social media networks, such as Instagram […]

Tips for Entrepreneurs and Media Interactions

Successful entrepreneurs are typically business savvy individuals who know how to give the public the goods and services they desire. Oftentimes an entrepreneur can serve as the face of a business and as the official spokesperson, simply because that entrepreneur has the personality and joie de vivre to interest customers and the general public. When […]

Understanding Link Building and How it Can Help Your Small Business

In this day and age, a small business that wants to get ahead must have some sort of online presence. However, having a simple website is not going to be enough. In fact, in order to attract new clients and customers to your business, you will want to carefully construct your small business’s online presence […]

A Guide to Online Business Laws

In the past 20 years, online businesses have become a powerful force in the global economy. By setting up an online website to attract and distribute goods to customers, entrepreneurs and business owners are discovering the financial benefits to operating an online business in lieu of/in conjunction with a traditional storefront. However, like all things […]

Information Regarding the Illinois Medical Marijuana Pilot Program

Since the Illinois state government’s approval of medical marijuana in 2013, both patients and entrepreneurs have been wondering when marijuana dispensaries can begin operating. A year later, dispensaries and marijuana cultivation centers have not yet been opened, but in the next year such businesses should be able to operate in Illinois. Earlier in July, Illinois lawmakers […]

Small Business Owners: New Option for Dealing with Slow Paying Clients

Landing a big corporate or state client is the dream of most small business owners. However, once invoices are submitted they often have to wait months for payment. While bigger corporations can absorb the costs associated with waiting for payments, small businesses often find themselves struggling financially while waiting for money they are owed in […]

Corporate-Startup Challenge Connects Entrepreneurs with Corporations

The Illinois Corporate-Startup Challenge is an innovative pilot program that has just concluded a successful inaugural year. Part of Governor Pat Quinn’s broader job creation and innovation goals, the Illinois Corporate-Startup Challenge connects big business with entrepreneurs and startups in various commerce fields. The pilot program, created by the Illinois Innovation Council and overseen by […]

Microloans Present Viable Funding Options for Entrepreneurs

Microloans are small loans made to small business owners and entrepreneurs. The borrowers of microloans are typically those who lack the necessary credit history, steady employment, and collateral necessary to receive a loan from a traditional lending institution such as a bank. Microloans can be used as working capital. They can also be used in […]