A Solid Partnership Agreement Can Prevent Disputes

Going into business with a partner can be fun, exhilarating, and very profitable. However, going into business with a partner unprepared can be stressful, contentious, and financially devastating. Like many of my clients who have considered establishing a partnership, you may have questions about how to avoid partnership disputes and give your company the best […]

Steps to Selling a Business

Selling a business is not as easy as putting a sign on your front door.  To truly get the most benefit of all your hard work, it takes a little bit more of your time.  It might be easy to sell your business quickly but that often won’t net you the biggest return on your […]

5 Essential Questions when Buying a Business

For those who are looking to buy a business, there are two kinds of questions.  There are those which have easy answers that present the business in a favorable light.  Then there are others which may provide more information about the motivations of the seller and the shape of the company.  The following five questions […]

Can The NHL Avoid Lockout?

Forbes.com reported a story about the NHLPA and the owners being in the midst of heavy negotiations regarding a new collective bargaining agreement. An initial offer from owners was received in mid-July, but fans are waiting to see if the proposal will help avoid another costly lockout. The collective bargaining agreement is expiring on September […]

Walgreen Seeks to Reassure Investors About Alliance Boots Deal

In response to what some see as a potentially risky move in Deerfield-based Walgreen Co.’s attempts to acquire Alliance Boots GmbH, a European pharmacy and health-and-beauty retailer, Walgreen’s executives gathered investors together to reassure them of the company’s intentions. The Chicago Tribune story reports that Walgreen executives agreed to take a 45% stake in Alliance […]