Chicago Bears Practice Field Is Infringing on Patent, Suit Alleges

As a business planning and litigation attorney, I see cases every day in which both fledgling companies and well-established businesses use the patented ideas of another without properly securing the rights to them. In many industries, being innovative is a major key to success, which means that stolen technology is not only unethical but could […]

Governor Quinn Signs New Law Targeting Patent Trolls

Patent trolling is the process of sending misleading demand letters to a business and claiming that the business committed some act that violated the patent owned by another business or person. The letters typically demand that the business either cease the allegedly illegal patent violation or that the business pay royalty fees for continued use […]

Chicago Judge Rules in Favor of Motorola on Apple’s Patent Infringement Claim

The Chicago Tribune reports that federal court Judge Richard A. Posner has ruled on one of several patent infringement claims brought by Apple Inc. in favor of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. In this particular claim, Apple alleged that six applications used by Motorola on its devices infringed its patent on touch-screen finger-tap functionality, which has […]