Knowing When to Sell: Tips from a Naperville Business Attorney

There are many reasons that may lead a person to start a business. Some individuals feel that they are best suited to work for themselves rather than for someone else. Others have a passion for their particular field or industry and are happy to dedicate their professional—and often personal—lives to their craft. Still others are […]

5 Essential Questions when Buying a Business

For those who are looking to buy a business, there are two kinds of questions.  There are those which have easy answers that present the business in a favorable light.  Then there are others which may provide more information about the motivations of the seller and the shape of the company.  The following five questions […]

Hostess Goes from Liquidation, to Negotiation, to Possible Sale

On November 14th, Hostess, the maker of such iconic snacks as Ho-Hos, Donettes, and Twinkies announced that it would declare for a liquidation bankruptcy if union workers continued to strike.  The strike was in place since November 9th because Hostess was attempting to lower their workers’ wages by 8% by forcing a new contract on […]

Marc Venture Buys Failed Condo Project

A Chicago investor, specializing in failed condominium developments, is paying $12.7 million for a project of 94 units that was left unfinished when the builder fled the country. Marc Realty Residential LLC led the venture purchasing the project, and the apartments were priced at $135,000 per unit, according to a story on The venture […]

Apple Cuts Deal to Purchase Fingerprint Reader AuthenTec Inc.

A recent Chicago Sun-Times article announced that I-Phone / I-Pad powerhouse Apple has brokered a deal to acquire Florida-based AuthenTec Inc. in order to shore up its capabilities in terms of digital security. As smartphones become more and more a part of daily life for many consumers, including for online purchases, consumers are likely to expect heightened […]

Steinway Piano No Longer Selling

Steinway has been manufacturing pianos since forming as a company in 1853 in downtown Manhattan.  The first was made by German immigrant Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg, later known as Henry E. Steinway.  It has won a vast array of awards and even patented numerous innovations on pianos today.  The company was handed down to younger generations […]