Observations on Cook County’s Soda Tax From a Naperville Business Law Attorney

Last month, a controversial new policy went into effect in Cook County, and consumers throughout the region are a bit unsure what to make of it. The new policy introduced a countywide tax on sweetened beverages in the amount of $0.01 per ounce sold, making the cost of soda in Cook County among the highest […]

Dissolving a Business Partnership

When you were starting your business, it seemed the most natural and easiest thing in the world to have a partner. You couldn’t start the company alone, after all, and having a partner meant having additional expertise, experience, and someone with whom you could “shop” ideas. “Business partnerships dissolve for many reasons,” according to the […]

Tipping Fraud Incentives Soon To Be Reduced

Seeing something being done wrong makes anyone feel uneasy. The thought of doing something about it runs through your head. Actually going ahead and doing something can be scary and intimidating. But something has to be done, right? Telling authorities of inappropriate behavior and actions is the right thing to do and some sort of […]