Naperville Business Lawyer Discusses a New Trend in Impulse Buying

When you hear the phrase “impulse buying,” what do you think of? Do you picture the checkout line at the grocery store packed with candy bars, tabloid magazines, and a random assortment of other items? Or, maybe you think about an eye-catching display of high-end home accessories that you did not realize you needed until […]

Small Businesses On The Rise In Illinois

In Macon County alone, over 500 small businesses have set up shop in the past two years. All signs point to good news for Illinois small business owners. In 2010, the number of small businesses opening in the state outpaced the number that closed. Small businesses make numerous contributions throughout the state, representing a primary […]

Planning Includes for Retirement

Estate planning isn’t just about planning for death and for your loved ones to be taken care of you when you die. At its root, estate planning is all about planning for the future, and in a world in which traditional routes of retirement planning have changed significantly, it’s now more important than ever to […]

High Percentage of Pastors Found To Have No Estate Planning Documents

A recent study conducted on behalf of Southern Baptist Convention shows that nearly 40 percent of pastors do not have a trust, will, living will, electronic will, legacy story, or durable power of attorney with health care directives. The survey also shows that the younger generation—aged 18 to 44—is the biggest group without any estate documentation. […]

Union membership shrinking in the U.S.

Union membership of wage and salary workers in the U.S. fell to 11.3 percent last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Back in 1981, over 20 percent of wage and salary workers were part of unions. The Chicago Tribune reported a story on the shrinking union membership rates. The latest numbers are a […]