Naperville Business Lawyer on the Benefits of Women in Company Leadership

There are countless variables that all combine to make your business successful. You need to offer a desirable product or service to a customer base that is willing to spend money on that which you can provide. Your location, visibility, and marketing strategies, of course, are also important as potential clients need to be to […]

Report Finds Female Entrepreneurs Happier than Male Entrepreneurs

In mid-June, Babson College and Baruch College issued their 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) U.S. Report. While the report was focused on entrepreneurs of all ages and sexes, the researchers made an interesting finding about the well-being and disparities facing entrepreneurs. Researchers discovered that established female entrepreneurs/business owners personally ranked their well-being as being twice […]

Study Suggests That Women Make Better Decisions Than Men

Researchers have found that women’s abilities to make fair decisions when competing interests are at stake sometimes make them better corporate leaders. These researchers conducted a survey of over 600 board directors, and it showed that women are more likely to consider the rights of others and take a cooperative approach when making a decision. […]