Tide Uses Creative Super Bowl Ads to Draw Attention Away from Dangerous Social Media Stunt

Tide, Naperville business law attorneyAs a small business owner, I know I have to be ready for anything. Sometimes, a business is put in a situation unlike anything they have ever experienced or gets swept up in something which they did not intend to be involved in. In my practice as a business law attorney, I am often tasked with finding creative solutions for these types of scenarios. The Tide company’s reaction to a recent viral fad is a perfect example of this creative problem-solving.

For several months, there have been news reports and social media posts about the “Tide Pod Challenge.” In 2012, the company started selling packaged detergent capsules called Tide Pods. Recently, some individuals have been daring others to eat the colorful and candy-appearing laundry detergent pods. Most of the people doing this are older children or teenagers. The teens usually film themselves preforming this dangerous stunt and then post the video to YouTube or other social media. Tide in no way encouraged this outrageous stunt, but, like it or not, they are now forever associated with this bizarre phenomenon.

Hilarious Commercials Helped Tide Gain Positive Attention

Proctor & Gamble, Tide’s parent company, has handled this strange and unexpected event impressively from a public relations viewpoint. Although they did nothing wrong, the company still needed to deflect attention away from this viral craze. Tide’s 2018 Super Bowl advertisements were the perfect distraction.

The commercials are different than anything Tide has done before. The company used the unusual method of “breaking the fourth wall” in their commercials and also partnered with Old Spice in order to entertain the millions tuned in for the Super Bowl. Tide even smartly used an actor from the hit show Stranger Things in their advertisements. Several different ads ran during the game, and each began ostensibly as an ad for another product, such as beer, a car, or body wash. The actor would then stop the “commercial” to inform viewers that they were watching a “Tide ad” and to point out the pristine clothing throughout each spot.

These factors combined to create some of the most talked about Super Bowl commercials ever. For many of the viewers chuckling at the commercials, the Tide Pod challenge was the last thing on their mind. Furthermore, if someone Googles the word “Tide” now, they are not inundated with stories about the unsafe ingestion dares, but instead they see accolades regarding the quirky commercials. Tide has enjoyed a strong brand legacy among American consumers for decades, and the brand’s response to the dangerous Tide Pod fad only makes the company look stronger.

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