Tips for Entrepreneurs and Media Interactions

Naperville small business law attorneys, business’s public image, Gierach Law Firm, media communication mistakes, business representative, media communication, media interactions, business misrepresentationSuccessful entrepreneurs are typically business savvy individuals who know how to give the public the goods and services they desire. Oftentimes an entrepreneur can serve as the face of a business and as the official spokesperson, simply because that entrepreneur has the personality and joie de vivre to interest customers and the general public. When this is the case, an entrepreneur has to be careful what is said and how he presents himself to the public. All it takes is one offensive tweet and a business’s public image can be ruined.

When a business representative is quoted as saying something offensive, it often does not matter in which the context of the comment was made or whether or not the representative actually said the quoted statement. Once the damage is done, social media users throughout the world can dissect and respond to such statements. Therefore, a person who publicly represents a business or is publicly associated with a business must be careful to not sabotage business media coverage. Doing so may have disastrous effects on the productivity and long-term viability of a business.

Common Media Communication Mistakes

In this digital age, a business owner is able to directly communicate with existing/potential customers. Furthermore, a simple statement caught on a videophone can immediately go viral and reach existing and potential customers throughout the world. Though this quick media attention can be great for a business, it can have disastrous effect if these media communications are less than favorable. Common media communication mistakes made by entrepreneurs include misrepresenting facts and implementing attention-hungry public relations teams.

Misrepresenting facts: It may be tempting to boast that your business is number one in its particular field or industry. However, make sure that this is not speculation and is actually rooted in fact. Misrepresenting facts about your company can make you look like a liar and can thus taint your business’s brand. Even if you think in your heart that your business is number one, make sure you have a poll or evidence from another source to back up this statement. Essentially, do not lie or misrepresent your business’s standing or capabilities. Also, remember that social media users love nothing more than to prove others wrong, and to then publicly display such misrepresentations for their own benefit.

Attention hungry public relations teams: The belief that all publicity is good publicity is not always true. Thus, it is essential to work with PR professionals who want to protect your business’s public image, instead of exploiting it for quick and fast media coverage. It may seem exciting at first to see your business trending online; however, such public media attention can quickly get out of control. This can occur because it is difficult to control how a story is spun and manipulated within social media platforms. Therefore, focus on PR teams that are more concerned about the long-term viability of your business instead of those who want to utilize shock and awe tactics to make your business the biggest story of the week.

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