Naperville Business Lawyer Discusses Transgender Challenges for Certain Industries

transgender, Naperville business law attorneyThere is little question that we are living an ever-changing world. Cultural attitudes are constantly evolving on a wide variety of subjects. In recent years, the rights of transgender individuals have garnered significant national and international attention, with numerous accounts of perceived discrimination and laws designed to address such concerns.

As the issue of transgender rights continues to spark important conversations, an example out of Canada highlights the complexities involved for some businesses. As a business law attorney, I understand that business owners must be sensitive to the needs of their customers, but, sometimes, the needs of one customer may be in direct conflict with the needs of others.

Bathing Suit Optional Spa in Hot Water

Body Blitz Spa is a facility in downtown Toronto, Ontario, that caters exclusively to women. The popular facility offers a swimsuit optional environment to allow clients to swim, soak, and generally experience the spa’s amenities as they see fit. The spa’s policies were recently challenged in a rather unique way.

Earlier this month, according to news reports, a woman attempted to schedule a spa session for her transgender wife. The wife, who is a local prize-winning author, is a trans woman who has not undergone gender reassignment surgery. The couple said the spa informed them that they could not come, as the facility prohibits “male genitalia,” regardless of the individual’s gender identity. The situation ignited a social media firestorm of controversy, as LGBTQ leaders believe that the spa’s policy is discriminatory and blatantly “transphobic.”

At first glance, this may seem to be a clear-cut example of discrimination, but the reality is more complex. Body Blitz Spa welcomes female clients of all ages, and with its bathing suit optional policy, the spa maintains that all of its clients—including minors—must be comfortable with full nudity. According to a statement made by a spokesperson for the spa, the facility is supportive of the LGTBQ community and is aware of how this situation may be perceived. Single-sex facilities, the owners maintain, must address such concerns, and Body Blitz Spa will be looking “to find a satisfactory resolution.”

Seek Help for Your Business Practices

Businesses have always faced challenges in maintaining the trust of their clientele. While the specific issues of the day may always be changing, a company must evolve or risk becoming obsolete. This example is fairly unique, but an experienced Naperville business attorney can help you address whatever concerns your company is facing. Call 630-756-1160 for a confidential consultation at The Gierach Law Firm today.





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