Trendy business- start a franchise

Frozen Yogurt – a.k.a. fro yo, has been the rage, then not, then a rage, once more. Its boom started in the 1980’s. Almost every mall, corner and storefront was frozen yogurt. However, ice cream shop rise of 24% (Agricultural Marketing Resource Center) from 1998-2003 declined the fro-yo craze. Coffee shops became the place to meet up and enjoy life. Fro-yo just could not compete.

Trendy business- start a franchiseThen this past decade brought the yo back! New flavors, toppings and just as important, store settings, helped the frozen yogurt craze return. People focused on delicious, health conscious treats can look no more as fro-yo again is a diet friendly sweetness. The flavors are bold and creative, giving consumers ample opportunity to try out many combinations when including toppings. Shops are not just the run of the mill get your fro-yo and leave. There are a sit down, entertaining, socializing, free Wi-Fi, and a comfy place to meet up with family, friends and even business partners!

Products range from textures to tastes: soft-serve, hand-scooped, pies, cakes, and smoothies give consumers a wide range of fro-yo products. And did we mention the toppings?! From cereal to fruit to candy to almost everything else in between, you can find the perfect topping to make your day.

According to a 2009 study, franchises were down 10,000. However, frozen yogurt shops keep on popping up at a good, level increase of a few percentage points. That being said, being a franchise owner of a frozen yogurt shop may be a great opportunity – especially if you are the first one in the area! If you have questions on how to start a franchise, contact an experienced lawyer who can assist you in the process of becoming a frozen yogurt shop owner!