Unemployment heading to all-time high globally

Unemployment heading to all-time high globallyIn the five years after the global financial crisis began, the number of unemployed workers around the world has risen by 28 million people. This leaves 197 million people without jobs, according to a new report. The Chicago Tribune reported a story about the situation.

According to data from International Labour Organization, both advanced and developing economies are in a crisis. Last year, four million people became unemployed, a figure that will rise by another 5.1 million workers this year, making the total of unemployed job seekers 202 million. The previous all-time record was 199 million jobless people in 2009, but it will be broken in 2013.

Such large numbers of unemployment also mean that there are business law issues to be handled on a constant basis. Employment law is one aspect of business law that our attorneys handle, and if the predictions made by the ILO prove to be accurate, 210.6 million people will be out of work by 2017. This number does not include the people who have given up on finding work.

Some people are employing themselves and starting new businesses. Whether you are starting a new business or buying an existing one, it is important that you make sure the legal side of things is taken care of properly. If your business picks up nicely and you start hiring people, you want to be sure the contracts you are signing are drafted correctly to avoid any issues in the future.

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