Unemployment rising in Southern Illinois

Unemployment rising in Southern IllinoisWhile unemployment in the United States nationally has been on the decline, according to a recent article, rates in Southern Illinois have been rising.

Reports from January have illustrated that almost every single county in Southern Illinois has an unemployment rate higher than the national average. These numbers have risen dramatically in the past year or so.

In many communities, efforts are being made to bring in new business and create new places to work. The Marion Ministerial Alliance  is a local food bank in one community.

Executive Director J. R. Russell stated, “Our goal is to sustain them through the tougher times so they can get back on their feet, but it’s a constant rotation of people…One thing that is disturbing about our food pantry numbers is about 10% of families that we are seeing are new and have never been here before.”

The Marion Ministerial Alliance serves about 2000 meals each month in a soup kitchen and even supplies food supplies to families. Russell commented that many people come into the soup kitchen all the time asking if they are an employment service.
“Asking who’s hiring? Who’s hiring? Are you aware of anyone that’s hiring?”

High unemployment rates can be found across the region. Du Quoin is one of the cities attempting to decrease these rates.
City Administrator Brad Myers said, “A population of 6500, 20 people out of work is a significant one time chunk to absorb.”

A major setback for Du Quoin was the loss of the Kroger store. However, Myers believes that upcoming projects could potentially draw in new companies and, therefore, jobs. Some of the upcoming projects are new water mains, upgraded cable lines, and new sidewalks.

The city is taking many steps in order to attract more businesses.

Thousands of people are being affected by these rising unemployment rates. If you find yourself in this situation, contact an experienced Illinois business attorney to help you figure out what steps are best for you to take in order to turn the situation around.