Naperville Business Lawyer Discusses Map of the Largest Employers in Each State

employer, Naperville business law attorneyIn my practice as a business law attorney, I work with clients from a variety of industries and business sectors. As you might expect, many of our firm’s clients own small and medium-sized businesses, and such companies represent a significant portion of the nation’s workforce. It is interesting, however, to see how larger companies, organizations, and other entities affect the communities in which they operate.

An Interesting Infographic

If you have been on social media in recent weeks, you may have seen a particular post shared as it made its way around the internet. The infographic—a visual image designed to convey certain data—is a product of an analysis completed by 24/7 Wall St. The image is a map of the Unites States which shows the largest employer in each state. In order to determine the largest employer in each state, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed employment figures from company press releases, government data, business journals, statements from company representatives, and local media reports.

State governments tend to be the largest employers in each state with more than 22 million public employees nationwide. For the purposes of their analysis, however, the researchers excluded public administrative bodies. Educational and medical institutions are also large employers, topping the list of largest employers in a number of states.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, much of the map of the largest employers in each of the United States is covered by the famous blue and yellow Walmart logo. Walmart is by far the largest private employer in the country. The Arkansas-based behemoth employs about 1.5 million full-time workers in the U.S alone. Walmart is the biggest employer in Illinois, with more than 54,000 workers, as well as the neighboring states of Indiana, Ohio, Louisiana, and Kentucky, and Tennessee. Almost half of the states—22 in all—list Walmart as the largest employer.

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When so much of the country is employed by huge corporations like Walmart, it can make succeeding in your own business look impossible. However, with determination and strong legal guidance on your side, your business dreams can become a reality. A knowledgeable lawyer can help by offering legal advice to help you make decisions, maintain proper business practices, minimize risks of employment disputes and litigation, and protect your finances. We have decades of experience assisting business owners, and we are able to help with issues such as drafting personnel policies and handbooks, employment contracts and non-compete agreements, employment agreements, severance practices, and deferred compensation plans.

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