World Gym Engages in Deceitful Business Practices

Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, recently pursued several fitness clubs for allegedly trying to cheat their members out of money. During the summer of 2011, several World Gyms located in Plainfield, Elgin and Norridge suddenly closed their doors for business. World Gym somehow forgot to notify its customers that these locations were closing down. When the customers came to use the facilities, they were directed to other World Gym locations, but those other locations were quite far from the closing locations, and caused a major inconvenience to the paying members. The members refused to commute to the other locations.World Gym Engages in Deceitful Business Practices

Despite the closings, World Gym continued to charge fees to the members who belonged to the closed locations. Surely enough, some of these members wanted to cancel their contracts with the gym, but the gym made it nearly impossible for these members to successfully cancel the memberships. For example, World Gym instructed some members to call a telephone number which turned out to be a fake number. Other members were told that they had to pay a cancellation fee to end their contracts. Because these members could not cancel their contracts without jumping through hoops, they simply refused to pay the membership fee. World Gym sent the accounts of these members to collection agencies, damaging the members’ credit ratings.

According to the Illinois Attorney General’s press release, Madigan filed suit against the owners of the gyms and demanded restitution for the customers, as well as civil penalties.

Such business practices are unacceptable. If you have done business with a company who has engaged in deceitful business practices, contact a qualified Naperville business attorney who can protect your rights.