Naperville Business Lawyer Talks About Personal Injury Liability

liability, Naperville business lawyerAs a business owner, you are probably no stranger to having guests on your property. You probably have employees, vendors, contractors, and customers coming and going all the time. As you know, it is your responsibility to keep your staff and guests safe, but accidents can and will happen from time to time. When they do, unfortunately, injuries are possible.

In my practice as a business law attorney, I work closely with my business-owner clients to help them minimize the risks associated with such accidents. Regardless of what type of business you own, there are few things you can do to reduce your potential liability.

A Proactive Approach

The best thing you can do to limit your personal injury liability as a business owner is to reduce the chances of an accident that could cause an injury. This means more than just avoiding accountability: it means being proactive and stopping problems before they even happen.

In order to prevent injuries, you will need to identify possible areas of concern. For example, doorways that have floor mats could become trip hazards if the mats get bunched or covered with snow. You should also ensure that your parking lot and walkways are in good repair. It is also advisable to perform potentially dangerous maintenance duties during non-peak business hours or when you are closed. Mopping floors, replacing light bulbs, and any activities requiring a ladder can probably wait until customers and vendors are gone for the day.

Following the Rules

It is one thing to have rules about safety, but ensuring that they are followed is also important. If you are lax on enforcing your safety standards, you could be held liable when others are lax too. Regular communication and safety training can go a long way with your staff who, in turn, can help keep your customers and vendors safe. Be sure to address violations of safety protocols quickly and consistently so that your vigilance cannot be called into question.

Insurance Considerations

If you employ staff members, you must carry workers’ compensation insurance to protect your employees when they are hurt on the job. If a customer is injured, however, the injured party could sue you and your business. For this reason, commercial liability insurance is advisable in most situations. Before you meet with an insurance agent, however, you should discuss your situation with a business law attorney. An agent will try to sell you coverage based on what will make him or her money, but your lawyer can help you understand what you actually need to protect yourself and your company

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