Naperville Estate Planning Attorney Discusses the Importance of Estate Planning for Snowbirds

As a resident of Northern Illinois, I am all too familiar with the harsh weather we often experience during the winter. In fact, I know many people—many of them retirees—who maintain a separate home in a warmer climate to be used during the coldest months of the year. Affectionately, but ironically, known as a “snowbirds,” […]

Naperville Business Law Attorney Discusses Rebranding of Weight Watchers

For more than 50 years, Weight Watchers has been a leading name for those looking to control their eating habits and to drop a few pounds. The company—thanks in large part to its alliterative name—is among the most recognizable in an industry that also includes brands like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, and Beachbody. This week, Weight […]

Naperville Business Lawyer on Meeting Customers’ Changing Needs

When you own and operate a business, you have many priorities, but your customers’ satisfaction should be at that top of that list. Without customers, there is no business. Over time, the needs and desires of your customer base may evolve—sometimes quite dramatically—and it is crucial for your company to change to meet their developing […]

Naperville Business Law Attorney Discusses the Aloe Vera Controversy at Major Retailers

When your company manufactures, distributes, and/or sells a product, you enter into a relationship with your customers. Such a relationship is based on trust—trust that is often dependent on the quality of your products and the level of service you provide. If, for some reason, the integrity of the goods that you offer is ever […]

Naperville Business Lawyer Discusses Family-Owned Hot Dog Stands in Chicago

Every year, thousands of new businesses are started by entrepreneurs and investors with the hope that they will endure for years to come. Unfortunately, many startups never reach a sustainable level of success, often closing their doors within a relatively short amount of time. Some, on the other hand, are passed down from one generation […]

Estate Planning and Business Law Firm in Naperville Announces the Addition of a New Partner

The Gierach Law Firm is pleased to announce that Tamara M. Paulun has been named partner of the Naperville-based firm. She will continue to serve her clients in the areas of estate planning and business law as she moves into this new role. “I am so pleased to make this announcement,” said Denice Gierach, Founder […]

Naperville Lawyer Emphasizes the Importance of an Estate Plan

You have worked hard throughout the years and have acquired real estate, investments, artwork, jewelry, family heirlooms, and other items that are important to you. The question now is: what will you do with them? Will you pass specific items down to specific family members or evenly divide your assets among them? Maybe you will […]

Naperville Business Lawyer Featured in the Daily Herald

The Gierach Law Firm is pleased to announce that it was recently featured in the Daily Herald in one of its Business Columns by Jim Kendall. The article, titled “Sales Success: Talk the prospect’s language” focuses on the difficulties many small business owners face when making a sales call. The Gierach Law Firm, located in […]

Whole Foods Market Partnering with Illinois Small Businesses

With the closing of Dominick’s grocery stores in locations throughout Illinois last year, the health food retail giant Whole Foods Market saw an opportunity to expand its existing operations in the state. In addition to taking over some of the closed Domnick’s grocery store locations, Whole Foods has also partnered with the City of Chicago […]

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