Disinheriting A Relative

disinheritingMost people want to leave most of their assets and property to their family when they pass away, but this is not always the case. Sometimes family members get into feuds that could last decades and even lead to a decision to disinherit someone. People make these decisions for different reasons, but they do not always realize all the consequences of their choice. The Trust Advisor did a story about disinheriting relatives and some of the reasons behind it, as well as the aftermath.

Sometimes, a relative might be a degenerate gambler or an addict, in which case one might choose not to leave money for such a relative. Other times, the reasons might not so clear. Such is the case of Nigel Ruddy, who was the subject of the Trust Advisor story.

Ruddy was always very careful about his money, while his son was the complete opposite. He did his best to teach his son how to handle money wisely, but he was not very successful. Ruddy married a Persian woman, and the two lived happily together, until Ruddy died. Surprisingly, he left almost all of his property to his son, while the wife was left with 12,000 dollars and a permission to stay in their marital home until she dies.

The point in this is that people have different reasons for these decisions. Some experts are saying that Hollywood and the dramatic will readings in movies are having an effect on these occasions.

People should take into account that disinheriting one of your children might lead to lifelong jealousy and problems with the other siblings.

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