Naperville Estate Planning Lawyer Discusses Special Considerations for Stepchildren and Step-Grandchildren

The modern American family comes in all different shapes and sizes. Furthermore, the people you consider family are not always decided by blood. For some stepparents and step-grandparents, there is no difference in how they see their biological children and the children who entered into the family through marriage. They want all of their children […]

Naperville Lawyer on How Estate Planning Now Can Help You Prevent Family Arguments in the Future

As an estate planning attorney, I realize that it can be hard to know exactly how to divide your assets and property upon your death. Many people want to leave an inheritance for their children and other family members, but are unsure about who should get what. Asking family for input on inheritance and estate […]

Naperville Estate Planning Attorney on Preventing Caregiving Misunderstandings

If you are like the vast majority of people, when you see or hear the words “estate planning,” you are likely to think about wills, trusts, and other formal instruments that are commonly used to transfer property from one generation to the next. While it is certainly true that the transfer and protection of assets […]

Choosing an Estate Planning Lawyer

If something tragic were to happen to you tomorrow, do you have any idea what would happen to your assets and property? Would your children, grandchildren, or other would-be heirs appropriately receive the inheritance you intend for them? If you are not sure about the answer to questions to like these, chances are good that […]

Independent Administration of a Decedent’s Estate

When a will is admitted to probate, this does not necessarily mean the probate process must be supervised by a court. In certain circumstances, Illinois law permits executors to administer the decedent’s estate without court order or filings. However, if an interested person objects to independent administration, the court will order supervised administration. There are two […]

Estate Planning for the New Year

With the New Year just around the corner, there are several important factors to consider regarding your Illinois estate plan. Transfer Tax Exemption The transfer tax is imposed on property transfers (i.e., transferring title to real estate or a beneficial interest in real property). In 2015, the amount that individuals can transfer by gift or bequeath […]

Understanding the Probate Process

The mechanics of writing a will or establishing a trust are integral components of an estate plan. Equally important, however, is understanding how your estate plan will be administered. Here is what you can expect to happen with your estate, if you executed a will: The place of probate will be determined. Generally, probate will occur […]

How to Transfer Property to Minors through Your Estate Plan

While Illinois law permits minors to hold title to property in their own name, they lack the capacity to enter into contracts or to transfer assets. For that reason, a guardian typically holds the title to a minor’s assets. Or, alternatively, the property is held in trust on the minor’s behalf. These two options are important […]